The War Prayer, by Mark Twain

via The War Prayer, by Mark Twain.

Should have put this in previous post, but I am in a rush to go shopping so I can make chimichangas for a potluck tonight.

This is a very good summation of how we feel about War. It helps me to stay sane when all the world is against Peace.


What The Pope Really Said About Kim Davis | ThinkProgress

via What The Pope Really Said About Kim Davis | ThinkProgress.

I read a quick headline about the Pope saying Conscientious Objection (CO) was a Human Right. I totally agree with that. However I couldn’t find an article that had any substance regarding that aspect of CO. All I could find was articles about Kim Davis. This is not surprising. As a country, we are incredibly militaristic. Since news media supports this ( a heinous dereliction of duty to me) one finds very little info about anything contradicting that tradition. So, once again, we get an issue that will sustain the drama and divert our eyes from the prize. So, I’ll be doing a more thorough cruise through the web to see what I can find. Certainly the traditional media will NOT be the place to look.

As to Kim Davis. I go back and forth about her right to deny licenses to gay couples wanting to get married. That is an issue for me, as for many others. I have never thought gay folks should ever be denied any right granted to others. Basic Human Rights once again and also my own personal belief and experience. What I have to resolve is the seeming paradox of gay folks asking for a religious right from the same institution(s) which have been instrumental for hundreds, if not thousands of years, in persecuting and killing, and scapegoating a whole class of Humans for whatever nefarious purposes they come up with.

In time, I hope to write more, and even perhaps, do my thinking out loud here in case any one happens to be interested.

Again, thanks for following! Whether it’s one or many, it gives me incentive to keep it going.


this looks rather Catholic with the round globe in the center. Reminds me of the headpieces worn by ministers.

this looks rather Catholic with the round globe in the center. Reminds me of the headpieces worn by ministers.

4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy, According to Neuroscience | TIME

In the movie, Inherit the Wind (Spencer Tracy, Samantha’s husband, Darrin. Comment if you’re old enough to remember) there’s a great line, which I am not quoting exactly here, something like, Do you think about what you think about?, which is a favorite of mine.

more quotes from Inherit the Wind

I find thinking about what we think about and HOW we think about what we think about, endlessly wonderful and fascinating. Thus, the link below.

via 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy, According to Neuroscience | TIME.

seems to fit the theme of the movie

seems to fit the theme of the movie

Mars and blurb about presentation and research

I would like it if these things weren’t presented so dramatically, and the ramp up of emotions this type of presentation causes, but it’s a cost we pay for living in an “extreme” society. Nonetheless, our continuing desire to know about ourselves brings these fascinating revelations to more people than ever before.

Mars revelations

BTW: I am a huge fan of basic research. Knowing for the sake of knowing is wonderful!

Now, if only we could keep the powers that be from using these discoveries from research to kill people. Alas….

horizon on Mars

horizon on Mars

just another pic I liked

just another pic I liked

rover panorama

selfie panorama from rover

Revlimid it is…

I was declared in complete remission on Monday last. Deciding on a maintenance regimen took most of this past week’s brainpower, emotions, energy.

After much discussion, reading more studies than I care to cite, discussions with the doctor, I decided to go with Revlimid versus nothing.

Revlimid for myeloma

Quick facts: myeloma time to remission=3-4 yrs.; Revlimid might add 25% to time to relapse; worst side effect is potential secondary cancer; no matter what I’ll be having another transplant when myeloma returns, which it will no matter what I do.

Then there’s the kicker, the bottom line: all this odds thrown out the window because NOBODY KNOWS what might happen either way!!!

Myeloma could return in 6 months or 15 years!!!

All I know is I’m shooting for 85 so I can see the grandkids grow up.