Regenerating my Body

My body has gone through many changes due to Multiple Myeloma and the various therapies I have gone through to rid myself of this nasty affliction.
There are many signs to remind me of MM. Sores that take much longer to heal; blood collecting under the skin giving me bruised looking skin; sleepless nights due to peeing; erratic bowels, etc.
Despite all the above there is only one thing that is a constant blatant reminder of my cancer: my hair.
It is the most obvious sign of being sick. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of it all. I go out and feel naked in my baldness.
There was some hope I might not lose my hair. Hope misplaced I now see. I had thought I would just stay bald Dione most people thought it looked good, I have the head for it.
Right now of all the issues still to be faced for me there’s only one I want to change: I WANT MY HAIR BACK.

Dr. Who

As I recover,  my pre cancer activity level has not returned yet. One of the pleasures of this is that I have been turned onto Dr Who. I had seen a few episodes years ago. But it is more sophisticated now. And it’s a great show!

I esp like how they incorporate current events into the story lines. As well they do not condescend to the viewers. All the little ways things are done, like using a paintball gun to blind Daleks as though they are the most obvious things to do is great!

Day by Day


Puffin, a beautiful bird

Someone, when asked what’s the most important part  of our brain, replied, it’s the ability to forget. I figure it’s a part of one’s defense mechanism to help with dealing with something as charged as Cancer.

I keep forgetting that my body has been through the ringer, essentially having my immune system destroyed and then regenerated. It seems so long ago it all happened. And people mention it to me when I want my body back. But it’s been 67 days which is a small portion of the year I’ve been told it takes to regain a semblance of the former self.