Regenerating my Body

My body has gone through many changes due to Multiple Myeloma and the various therapies I have gone through to rid myself of this nasty affliction.
There are many signs to remind me of MM. Sores that take much longer to heal; blood collecting under the skin giving me bruised looking skin; sleepless nights due to peeing; erratic bowels, etc.
Despite all the above there is only one thing that is a constant blatant reminder of my cancer: my hair.
It is the most obvious sign of being sick. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of it all. I go out and feel naked in my baldness.
There was some hope I might not lose my hair. Hope misplaced I now see. I had thought I would just stay bald Dione most people thought it looked good, I have the head for it.
Right now of all the issues still to be faced for me there’s only one I want to change: I WANT MY HAIR BACK.


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