The ‘driest place on Earth’ is covered in pink flowers after a crazy year of rain – The Washington Post


I was a desert rat for 30 yrs while I lived in southern Arizona. I was fortunate enough to have booked booked and traveled throughout the Sonoran desert before it became overrun with development. It was still the desert Ed Abbey made famous in Desert Solitaire. I am no longer able to make my way to the backcountry, but deserts still fascinate me.

Donald Trump: World would be ‘100%’ better with Hussein, Gadhafi in power –

And here’s the Trumpster, putting stability over liberty. No one said removing dictators from power was going to be a walk in the roses. I know that sounds glib and I don’t mean it that way. In reality Trump is just speaking like the business mogul he is. Instability is not good for business. And it’s sad to say but all too often we, meaning our “leaders” make decisions based on business you’re thinking, not on an ideology of liberty and self determination. But that takes guts and vision. Obviously something Trump lacks.

The Ethics of Killing Baby Hitler – The Atlantic

I can’t quite figure out what this guy is trying to say. Sounds a bit like Trump when he said we’d be better off with Quadaffi and Hussein in power cause they kept their boots in people’s backs. Frankly based on what I know this guy has a pretty shallow understanding of WWII. Hitler pretty much spelled out what he would do in Mein Kampf. The world, other than Churchill, didn’t understand Hitler. He could have been stopped. No one had the guts to do it.


I’m a cat person. I’ve I had a cat as a companion since I was 7 years old. After having had several calico’s, it’s clear they are the smartest cats. Or current calico, Abby, adopted us 13 years ago. She exhibits some amazing behaviors. One is she follows our grandson around when he’s outdoors as a watch cat. Here’s a picture of her in one of her less dignified poses, curled up in the sink waiting for me to turn the spigot on so she can get a drink from the faucet!

Abby waiting for a drink

Abby waiting for a drink

Selling photos

Long time, no post. For years I’ve sold my photography at yard sales, fairs, online, etc. This weekend I’m at Cancer Wellness House. Here’s a quick pick uof my photos displayed.

If you want to see more I have a site at: Quality of Light. If so inclined I’d love to hear feedback!

My display at sale

My display at sale

What Has Happened To Us | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

We had two more shootings this week. One was in Flagstaff, AS. This is a small town in northern AZ. It’s one of those places where people go to get away our to go to a smaller school. I’ve been thru there many times as it’s on the way to the Grand Canyon and the heaviest concentration of US national parks in UT.

Another military flop at our expense

Whenever I see this sort of info, I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off if we would build one less fighter, one less tank, one less destroyer, one less ship and instead used that money for education, our infrastructure, our housing. We live with representatives who now cowtow to lobbyists, banks, corporations instead of truly carrying for people. Follow the money!!!

More military claptrap

It’s a lonely world?

Even though I am a geek and love all this tech, the internet revolution has significant cultural issues. The revolution when examined closely is a classic study on how all too often we rush full bore ahead implementing a new invention without taking the time to look at how it might affect our culture.

In this photo we see one of the major affects: the world is now seen through a lens instead of experienced directly.

Going against the crowd