The airstrikes on Doctors without Borders hospital

Airstrikes on Doctors without Borders hospital

Sometimes it’s hard to find words for heinous events like this. It’s being investigated which I am sure is small consolation to the victims and their families. The horror of this speaks for itself.

What I have to say now is that it blows away the idea of surgical strikes with no collateral damage.

We don’t keep statistics on collateral damage. What we hear is that this new way of fighting means no collateral damage. A good case of the military censoring information under the excuse of not keeping those statistics

Remember, collateral damage is a euphemism for people killed “accidentally”.

Some graphics links

Since I posted the Volvox fractals, I thought I’d post a couple of links to programs I have enjoyed and played with with over the years.

Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Ultrafractal – Fractal renderer
Bryce 7
Thumbs Plus media cataloguer
Paint Shop

and for those who wonder what the Mandelbrot set is:

The Mandelbrot set

I’d love to say I am an expert on these, but in most cases, time to play with them has been less than I would have liked!

another beauty from the Volvox gallery

another beauty from the Volvox gallery

2015 Southeast Asian haze

I try and look at the news or something different each day. Of course I am not successful.

Today I found this item. I am posting to show how global air pollution is and what a problem we have worldwide.

The cause of this illustrates another huge problem, slash and burn farming.

Nothing we do is an isolated act.

Volvox fractal beauty

Volvox fractal beauty