Alan Stern’s Moonshot to Pluto Wins the Internet

I am a big believer in space exploration. Ever since I ordered a cardboard rocket that slid down a strong I the early sixties from there to here has been fascinating. The search for knowledge and understanding for it’s own sake is a purity of mission we can all be thankful for and awed by in it’s success.

Behind the Clinton campaign: Dark money allies – Sunlight Foundation Blog

Hillary is not the woman I am boring for to get a woman in the WH. She and Billy Bob are to tired in writhe upper echelons of the money yes that make our political system so corrupt.

Go for Bernie!

The storm that caused tornadoes will heat the North Pole.

The comment I found telling was how this year’s weather episodes in the North Atlantic are congruent with current models. How many chirping canaries does it take before anyone listens?

Peace Out, ‘Bikini Body’—We’re Kicking You Off of Our Covers for Good | Women’s Health

We still have a tremendously long path to trod, but every little step helps. Because this is an end rack magazine along with Cosmo, etc. the effect could be greater than of it were just another monthly.

Say it loud and be proud!

When the Boss Says, ‘Don’t Tell Your Coworkers How Much You Get Paid’ – The Atlantic

I always found out interesting how places I worked at were so concerned about my welfare and that of others they didn’t want me to divulge my pay.

What they really don’t want is workers knowing how arbitrary and unfair or edges are.

Ethics & Values Archives – The Good Men Project

I didn’t give this a good look see soccer I’m about ready for bed. Thought I’d post anyways as we men still need all the help we can get. It’s one of my peeves and a driving force for how I try and live.

The Best Science Books of 2015 – Brain Pickings

Since we live in a world based on science it’s always a good idea to try and understand science.
Fortunately, scientists are getting better at making science and why it’s important to be able to understand it.
It’s not hard. You just need not be scared off by something you initially don’t understand.
At some point riding a bike seemed impossible. But you practiced. And after a few falls, maybe some years, you could ride with no hands. Science is the same. All it takes is some practice to understand it. Which now that I think about it, is true of just about everything.
Happy 2016!