Obama Is Right, Way More Americans Die in Gun Violence Than in Terrorism


This is in no way an attempt to mollify victims of mass shootings.
The figures on this article are another reality check when discussions about guns come up.
It would appear as a people we are letting fear dominate discussions and possible solutions regarding guns by only focusing on terror killings. The attacks are obviously doing what they are meant to do.
I have no problem with folks owning guns any more than I do drones. But can anyone explain the rationale for having to REGISTER a drone (a process that was put in place in record time) yet I can buy a gun from ANYONE without it being registered by myself or the owner? Not to mention car registrations.

On a tangent: this is exactly the type of issue the powers that be dream about. It’s Divide and Conquer at its best, while the Rich get richer and the little people rant and rage at each other ignoring critical issues that affect their lives.

fear is the mind killer
Bene Gesserit witches mantra

Ready, Fire, Aim: The Science Behind Police Shooting Bystanders | TIME.com


This is a condensed version of an article than was in the Aug 2014 issue of Time. I haven’t found that one yet but wanted to get this out. It is now part of my thinking about guns and how they are used, the never mentioned scenario of actually using one on another person. It is excellent and I hope sheds a bit of light on how we think and use guns.

Trump: I Would Intentionally Kill Families To Defeat ISIS | ThinkProgress

On the past yokels, fringe lunatics had a following. They brought issues to the fore but they faded as folks realized the stupidity of them. Trump is so far beating the odds. I’m not saying other candidates are speaking and that anything would change. The electorate right now seems enamored of the idea we need to fall back to the 1950s when US was everything.
Because many think Trump is successful, despite his bankruptcies (a social benefit he drives from his wealth)
they think running the govt as a business will fix it all. My answer is to lengthy for here but I saw one poll I think explains in part Trumps success. People want their govt to protect them from terrorism. (Unless continental). To me, it’s only a dream. But people by a fair margin think owning guns will protect them if the govt won’t or can’t. We all are currently carrying a certain amount o of fear and angst these days. Only in the minds empty of ideas is gun ownership going to save the nation. When was the last time some one pulled out their Glock and saved a classroom? As I wrote this I get more perturbed at the idiotic, simple minded, uni dimensional solutions we get from politicians. Ill be posting a few items to try and bring some reality to this. At least from my POV.


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Am interesting, though not surprising trend, is that third world countries are adopting phones as their connectivity solution at a much faster rate than computers. Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

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