Government Intervention

As a reminder to those who think there is a right to act as terrorists and take over institutions in order to say your fighting for liberties that are being taken away from you: look into Shay’s Rebellion and The Whiskey Rebellion. One of the key players was none other than George Washington.
Even then, the right to own arms presented a weak front to the power of the the Guv.

Oregon standoff: Roseburg state legislator ignores local warnings, visits protesters |

This whole thing is one of the weirdest things to come down the pike in awhile. These guys make me think I need a firearm to protect myself from them! After all isn’t govt supposed to uphold laws whether they believe in them or not? I think the pick and choose approach is called…what is it again? Right Anarchy! The hypocrisy would be laughable if these folks weren’t serious.

Donald Trump talks at a fourth-grade level. Maybe that’s why the Fox News audience loves him –
I think the average reading level for US citizens is around 4th or 5th grade.
At any rate, food for thought as we ponder some rather significant questions affecting our culture and the world.