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Einstein. A Prophet?

Gravity Waves
NYT gravity waves
Scientific process

This is fascinating for a multitude of reasons. Einstein being one of them.

What fascinates me almost as much, is the technology designed and created to search for gravitational waves. Fact: this detector can detect perturbations as small as 1000th the width of a proton!

Is this critter cuddly or what?

Tree Lobster

It seems as though every generation thinks everything to be discovered has been discovered.

This is a shining example (though it’s a rediscovery) of the diversity and strangeness of this planet we share, as well as the discoveries made every day, despite thinking we know, if not all, at least enough.

I’m a huge fan of research for the sake of research and smile when I see things such as this.

I think if we DO ever know all to be known, that would be a strange day.