Trump should be no Surprise


It’s taken me awhile to understand how people could go for Trump.

In retrospect, it seems so obvious as to the reason why. Americans are spoiled. Living in the most prosperous country ever, we have at our beck and call a mind numbing choice of just about anything we desire.

Just the other day I went to the drugstore to get a feminine hygiene product for my wife who is recovering from pneumonia. This product is not something to enhance beauty where I can almost see why there are a multitude of choices. This was nothing anyone would ever see. It was simple, or so I thought, feminine pads. It took me 10 minutes to find the ones she uses. To make clear, I am not a stupid male about shopping, or about items women use.

The point of the above is only one of thousands of choices Americans have about everything consumer oriented.

There is a dark side to our consumerism which we have more information than ever about. The environmental costs of all these choices in our consumer oriented culture is staggering. I won’t go into those here. The point is even though we know in large part many of these costs we continue to ignore them to a great extent. The rationalizations are endless and we’ve heard them.

And so it is with Trump. Even though we see on a daily, if not hourly, basis the most obvious, heinous lies and statements, a considerable portion of the electorate still wants to, “Make America Great” again.

When asked about these statements, supporters inevitably say, “He’s just speaking about things we feel”. So we have a presidential candidate who taps into the darkest leanings of America and has legitimized them in a way reminiscent of George Wallace and his ilk. Forward to the past.

So his amazingly solid and stable support really isn’t surprising when viewed in the light of consumerism. Americans have always been able to fool themselves. The difference this time, is how obvious it is. Trump is only using our gullibility, to fool ourselves in the public arena.


2 thoughts on “Trump should be no Surprise

  1. I would have labeled it materialism, but we basically agree. The misguided assumption that wealth somehow magically imparts virtue to the one who is wealthy.

    I also think 35 years of cutting education funding (since Saint Reagan) has a cumulative effect. There’s a whole lot more ignorance out there than when I was a kid. (I’m 62.) More folks think TV characters are real now, and the Trump we get to see in the campaign is a reality TV persona, not a human with nuances and contradictions. He behaves like one of the Real Housewives, always winding up the episode in an argument with another BFF.

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  2. Your’s is more succinct. And definitely think education, or lack thereof, plays part. As long as we continue to use schools as training grounds for business or corporations, we’ll be unable to see and understand life’s nuances. And, something I find rarely discussed, continue to be giving businesses and corps, a huge, and hidden tax break. If we guide people in how to think critically, they’ll be able to learn a wide variety of skills. If we only teach to jobs, life’s opportunities dwindle. Something to consider when we are in an era of rapidly morphing job futures.


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