The great leap upward: China’s Pearl River Delta, then and now | Cities | The Guardian
I love these photo essays of the before and after. They illuminate the changes humans have wrought.
Also, of you don’t already, check out more of CNNs series on cities visa the other links here.

Shock Poll: Troops Prefer Trump by 29 Points Over Clinton – Breitbart
As sergeant Schultz might say on hearing this, We know nothing. Nothing!
And yet here we are with Trump. We all certainly needed a shakeup. But Trump?

Artificial Sweeteners: What You Need to Know
This illustrates a problem with using artificial substances. That is, that we have tended to think they will solve a problem without consequences. In this case, lack of understanding how our bodies react to chemicals we were never designed to imbibe. There’s really another, and to me, more insidious aspect here. That is people tend to not take the time to understand there science behind so much of our world. There continues to be too much reliance on experts and too little on understanding for ourselves how things work.

5 Pacific islands swallowed by the sea –
Since these islands have been studied for several decades this isn’t necessarily a warning issue, but certainly illustrates the consequences of not taking action till it’s too late.