Earth video 

Check out @NOAASatellites’s Tweet:

It’s one of the nicest videos of Earth I think. It’s small but smooth and even. 


Jumping Spider Videos

been some time… 

found this site off of a LiveScience tweet about Peacock spiders… clean and simple site about one type of spiders, wonderful videos I’m thinking folks will enjoy… 


Slow posts

Haven’t posted recently. I was gearing up cause I was in complete remission from Multiple Myeloma after a bone marrow transplant. Since I have relapsed which among other things takes time posting has been slow. I’ll keep trying though.

Rock and rolling on earth

Meanwhile, California Fault Lines And The Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy
Sounds as though mother has an indigestion issue. Looking at other clusters of earthquakes over time and place would be interesting. I can’t imagine it hadn’t been done yet.

Another the man done gone

Garrison Keillor, a singular man of letters we as citizens were blessed to know. In this time of rampant change and lose footing, he was able, using only his voice, to take us back to a time that seems far away and yet resources where it matters, in our hearts and minds. If you ever saw him tell his stories it seemed as though he was transfixed, a conduit of memory and love sorely lacking in our time.