Incredible Photographs of a Doomed 1914 Antarctic Expedition
One of my favorite and incredible exploration stories ever. And there photos by Hurley remain singular.

Rendered Beauty and the Natural World

A wonderful aspect of the Internet is the access one gets to amazing art of all types. I can spend hours looking at renders of fractals, raytracing, photography, etc.

As I said in a previous post, I do share art that is not mine because I find it beautiful and unique.  (I probably ought to post some of my photography!) Here’s a page of fractals, beautiful and an example of art mimicking nature.

Volvox Fractals

Volvox – actually a microscopic unicellular life form that lives in colonies. The colony takes the shape of a ball, created by thousands (8000 to 17000) of single cell creatures. Webster dictionary says “Type genus of the Volvocaceae; minute pale green flagellates occurring in tiny spherical colonies; minute flagella rotate the colony about an axis.

The more I post, the more I see I am posting content I personally tag as beauty. Of course, the beholders eye on these posts is not mine, but yours. I hope you enjoy these.

Volvox fractal

Volvox fractal

thought to words… almost, well sort of, could be better, maybe…? tell me

it seems as though there are some people who ascribe to cancer patients, some wisdom learned because one has had cancer. it may be deep or not.

do we ascribe wisdom to other disease, afflictions, chronicities such as diabetes? fibromyalgia? brain injuries? malaria?

what has happened to me, is not that I have become a wise old man. i’d hate to think one needed cancer to get there! what cancer, or other serious afflictions or traumatic events do.

because of cancer the range of emotion and thought have been increased, on the low end and the high end. so in these cases because you are forced to experience (hopefully) a wider range of emotions, you increase your understanding of them, and thus people.

this might give the experience of being “special” but it’s not. these are accessible to each and every one of us.

the hope would be, we have the chance to experience this wider range of emotions without a traumatic experience to present them to us.

Unfortunately some of us get cancer and thus come to this understanding.

bunches 'o beauty

bunches ‘o beauty

For your information, a disclaimer

I am a photographer and computer artist. over the 20 years I have been doing this I have collected, and still collect images as I peruse the web.

as you can see I post numerous photos as well as other types of artwork. many are mine.

however I also post other images I have collected because they are beautiful, or strike me emotionally, or because I am an inveterate collector.

I make no claim to images that are not mine to be mine. I post them only to share what I enjoy and add something to my life.