Government Intervention

As a reminder to those who think there is a right to act as terrorists and take over institutions in order to say your fighting for liberties that are being taken away from you: look into Shay’s Rebellion and The Whiskey Rebellion. One of the key players was none other than George Washington.
Even then, the right to own arms presented a weak front to the power of the the Guv.

The Best Science Books of 2015 – Brain Pickings

Since we live in a world based on science it’s always a good idea to try and understand science.
Fortunately, scientists are getting better at making science and why it’s important to be able to understand it.
It’s not hard. You just need not be scared off by something you initially don’t understand.
At some point riding a bike seemed impossible. But you practiced. And after a few falls, maybe some years, you could ride with no hands. Science is the same. All it takes is some practice to understand it. Which now that I think about it, is true of just about everything.
Happy 2016!


Does my heart good to see comments after having been away for so long. Thanks!

I have authored about 85% of this on my phone which has reversed my devices usage. Previously it was about 80/20 on favor of desktop. Note, about 90/10 in favor of phone. Whether I use WP on desktop or tablet, it always seems to work most reliably and faster on phone. Who would’ve thought!

Am interesting, though not surprising trend, is that third world countries are adopting phones as their connectivity solution at a much faster rate than computers. Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Often I have pattern pictures with my posts. The one problem is getting them accessible by my phone which is why there are none recently.

Again thanks! I hope there is an occasional bit of interesting info for those of you who follow.





IMG_20151214_084559It’s been awhile…

First snow of any consequence this winter.

Within just a few miles, from the Salt Lake valley to Alta ski area, there’s 3 different snow totals. The valley, the Benches, ski resorts. So for this storm so far we have; valley 5 in, benches 12 in, Alta 7 in. The caveat is snow totals depend heavily on each storm. Topography, wind direction, moisture, etc. I use this breakdown for myself. It’s not weather correct always, though it is a relevant breakdown more often than not.


The ‘driest place on Earth’ is covered in pink flowers after a crazy year of rain – The Washington Post


I was a desert rat for 30 yrs while I lived in southern Arizona. I was fortunate enough to have booked booked and traveled throughout the Sonoran desert before it became overrun with development. It was still the desert Ed Abbey made famous in Desert Solitaire. I am no longer able to make my way to the backcountry, but deserts still fascinate me.

Donald Trump: World would be ‘100%’ better with Hussein, Gadhafi in power –

And here’s the Trumpster, putting stability over liberty. No one said removing dictators from power was going to be a walk in the roses. I know that sounds glib and I don’t mean it that way. In reality Trump is just speaking like the business mogul he is. Instability is not good for business. And it’s sad to say but all too often we, meaning our “leaders” make decisions based on business you’re thinking, not on an ideology of liberty and self determination. But that takes guts and vision. Obviously something Trump lacks.