German Authorities Investigate Sexual Attacks On Women At Music Festival

Comedian Lewis Black would say, when hearing of problems such as this, (paraphrase) It seems as though the world has taken a turn. Unfortunately, this is not a turn, just what is another in the ancient and cultural long attack and terrorization of women. To wit: Pakistani woman burnt to death, Brazilian gang rape, and an especially disturbing item, Gangbang T-shirt.
There’s far more to say, but not enough room.
“German Authorities Investigate Sexual Attacks On Women At Music Festival” –

Antarctic Explorer, Henry Worsley dies

Henry Worsley

Henry Hurley photos from Shackleton Expedition

Slideshow/Story of Ernest Shackleton‘s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition

Frank Hurley bio


This is a bummer! I have always loved the great age of exploration. Shackletons journey is one of the most remarkable ever! Despite all that happenend, not a single person dies! NONE! This amazing even to this day with all the fancy ger we have. And cell phones. Radios. Cameras. They were left in the hashest plae on Earth with no means to communicate to the outside world.

Since the crew was going overland, on the ice, dragging sleds behind them, Hurley was not allowed to take all the pictures, which we on glass plates, therefore heavy and fragile. The process used was the Paget process. He was also the first to take color photos in this setting.

Planned Parenthood decision

Texas has thrown out the suit against Planned Parenthood for what had appeared as “truth” in a heavily, and miseading video put out by an anti-abortion group. In add ition, 2 anti-abortion activists have been indicted.

Leaving aside personal beliefs about abortion, should we not at least be abe to trust the information we are using to make an informed decision is accurate and truthful, unencumbered by activist groups lies and BS.

If you have to lie, cheat, steal to try and make your point, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your point(s). Maybe it has no backbone?!



Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten

Gillian Anderson had to fight for equal pay for the new X-Files miniseries

I titled this as I did cause the South was so intent on missing the boat. Their chivalrous, charming, and ultimately the cause of their death was the same attitude expressed here.
Come on folks, if you’re gonna be sexist at least try and couch out in respectable ways. Of course when you’re this blatantly full of shit, there ain’t a shovel big enough our hole wide enough to hide in.
As a friend used to say, “This rankles my ass”.


This Army Veteran Has a Powerful Message About PTSD for Sarah Palin
Bethea explains some yucky truths about PTSD. In the process blows Idiots like Palin out of the water. And shows why people of her ilk are so powerful-they reduce intractable issues that require thought to easy to swallow idiocy. In the process explaining why Palin types are so dangerous.
Of course she represents the anti thought people which is another sad story running through our culture at the moment.

Is two cars colliding at 50mph the same as one car colliding into a wall at 100 mph? – Physics Stack Exchange

I spent a goodly amount of time watching the Mega Mythbusters marathon over the holidays. BBC America is the channel we have on more than 50% of the time. And, no we aren’t TV junkies.
I love seeing how things work and most of all how people solve problems. Being an aging hippy, I remember garages with workbenches. Pegboard loaded with tools neatly organized on a background of stenciled outlines. Gerber baby jars, shelves of them, holding every kind of screw, nut, bolt, thingamajig, whatsit, doo-hickey ever made. It seemed like everyone had their own personal Home Depot in their garage. Things could be fixed back then and someone always knew how. Mythbusters workspaces remind me of that. A tinkerers paradise.

That’s not really my point here (it does open creaky doors, memories of a long time past)
I was looking for an answer to one of their myths in which they gave an incorrect conclusion.
I ended up at the site linked to above. I had never heard of it. I am posting here only because the QA about the MB question was actually civil and informative. If the other blogs are similar this looks to be promising. Do read on if you haven’t already and if you have, keep enjoying!