Not only humans

This is something I never thought about. The numbers are astonishing esp. when compared to the numbers of people and epidemics that make us take notice. I’m not trying to make any judgements here about people and animals. This was, for me, an aspect of our world that opened my eyes. Just the kind of window I love opening, or have opened for me.

SOLVED: Why 200,000 Endangered Antelope Mysteriously Died

Mississippi Gun-Store Owner and Son Die in Shootout with Customers – NBC News

Besides the thought that dead and wounded people are a fair price for a 25$ dispute, (really) unfortunately we may now have the opportunity to see more folks shot as the country is brainwashed into thinking more guns equals more safety and so moves towards greater gun ownership along with concealed carry. And we still require NO PROOF a gun owner has the slightest idea how to shoot a bullseye much less a human.

Stupid is as Stupid does.
Forrest Gump