NASA Study Nails Fracking as Source of Massive Methane ‘Hot Spot’ | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Our tax dollars at work! Socialism at it’s best!!! 

2 items of note:

Who would have ever thought Fracking could be harming our world… 

50% of cases are released by just 10% of sources. 

The above reminds me of the 80/20 rule so useful for helping to determine success. 

When we, as a collection of individuals decide to embark on infrastructure projects such as air, and water pollution, repairs of roads, bridges, habitat this rule makes clear tremendous amounts of progress can be made, because the largest portion of the work can be done with the lesser of money and labor. 

It is that last 20% which adds the greater portion of money and resources to projects as well as adding large amounts of daunt and overwhelming-ness. 

As we look at infrastructure, the answer to the above rule is quite simple. Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good. 

After all we’re only human. And few would disagree, perfection is a worthy outcome to strive for, but, like moving something at the speed of light, which if possible would take ALL the energy in the universe, we can never and should not even actually attempt finishing that persnickety 20%.

If that’s the scenario,  is not the attempt, but accomplishing the 80%, shouldn’t the accrued benefits  to ALL be worthy enough to gather together and complete? 

France Plans to Pave Roads with Solar Panels – CityLab

Ultimately, I think solar is the solution for most of our power problems. It’s exciting to see technologies coming online to support solar collection in a wide variety of situations. It’s expensive to bring online, but more costly later. Of course, the environmental benefits are great. And we could throw out the issue of coal and gas use that bring terrible problems, as yet unsolved to our power needs. Climate change issues ought to alone compel us to begin while we are still relatively unaffected by the problems we may incur which would be most likely unstoppable and catastrophic.
We could also extend benefits to those parts of the world currently without infrastructure to support their power needs. Decentralization brings independence to these countries who desperately desire it. As well as raising standard of living, birthrates would stabilize and then recede. This fact would solve many current problems, such as deforestation, disease, civil wars.
We need the political will to make it happen. A significant benefit is in fact economic. The design, building, installation, infrastructure are labor intensive. Implementing a solar solution can bring economic vitality to all parts of the globe. Proceeding on this path ought to begin sooner rather than later.