Theories of Everything Mapped

Mapped Theories

This is something for science wonks. The Map is a good way to get an overview of where we are at in our knowledge of the universe.

I find the comments, for this magazine at least, are equally stimulating.

Einstein. A Prophet?

Gravity Waves
NYT gravity waves
Scientific process

This is fascinating for a multitude of reasons. Einstein being one of them.

What fascinates me almost as much, is the technology designed and created to search for gravitational waves. Fact: this detector can detect perturbations as small as 1000th the width of a proton!

Hubble and Jupiter

Hubble’s Stunning New Pictures of Jupiter

Beautiful though to small and short video of Saturn. It’s pretty cool, the project to take regular photos of the outer planets.
And so now we start to make visible the history of a small part of space.


Alan Stern’s Moonshot to Pluto Wins the Internet

I am a big believer in space exploration. Ever since I ordered a cardboard rocket that slid down a strong I the early sixties from there to here has been fascinating. The search for knowledge and understanding for it’s own sake is a purity of mission we can all be thankful for and awed by in it’s success.

Mars and blurb about presentation and research

I would like it if these things weren’t presented so dramatically, and the ramp up of emotions this type of presentation causes, but it’s a cost we pay for living in an “extreme” society. Nonetheless, our continuing desire to know about ourselves brings these fascinating revelations to more people than ever before.

Mars revelations

BTW: I am a huge fan of basic research. Knowing for the sake of knowing is wonderful!

Now, if only we could keep the powers that be from using these discoveries from research to kill people. Alas….

horizon on Mars

horizon on Mars

just another pic I liked

just another pic I liked

rover panorama

selfie panorama from rover