Picturesque Greenland low 

Check out @NWSOPC’s Tweet:

Very excellent example of strong low pressure system with potential 2nd low budding off to South. 

Weather weenies enjoy

The NWS puts out amazing and informative videos. We see what the forecasters see and user! If only other sciences did as much.

Check out @NWSOPC’s Tweet:

5 Pacific islands swallowed by the sea –
Since these islands have been studied for several decades this isn’t necessarily a warning issue, but certainly illustrates the consequences of not taking action till it’s too late.

Wasatch Weather Weenies: Can Mother Nature Crack This Terrible Inversion?
SLC is a beautiful city in a beautiful state: for most of the year. However firing the winter, since we sit in a valley we are prone to weather inversions. The air right now is so bad is classified as unhealthy for ALL to be outdoors. The sky is a fill write. From our house it would appear as though the mountains have disappeared and downtown is a memory. Neither can be seen except from about 200 meters.
This is a good sure as he explains things to be understood and refers to other sites for science wonks.

The storm that caused tornadoes will heat the North Pole.

The comment I found telling was how this year’s weather episodes in the North Atlantic are congruent with current models. How many chirping canaries does it take before anyone listens?