Microsculpture – The Insect Portraits of Levon Biss


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Insects are a feast for photographers. Convenient. Small. Local. Bizarre. Colorful. I’ve been a bug lover for as long as I can recall. Its one of the reasons I started working at trying to be a photographer. Its a part of the world surrounding us, yet hidden, unless we take the time and. strange looks from others as we get down on our knees, nose to the ground, grabbing a glimpse when we can,  of this overlooked world, during the mad rush of living. Fortunate for us to have photographers who scoot down to the level of this world and show us it’s unique beauty and the strange adaptions they’ve evolved to be the dominant inhabitants of Earth. Enjoy!
PS: We’ve got nothing on Bugs.

Bugs for Everyone! Awesome Insect Photos Shared in Free Project

I have no idea what inspires me to post. Here’s a first post in a long time. These long periods of no posting coincide with personal stuff I am working with which I won’t bore folks with.
I first heard of Alex Wild on Google+ where posted photos in the early days of Plus. He was trying to sell some of his photos and had some questions about doing that.
Enjoy the photos. And remember:
Without insects our world would be a barren and lifeless rock.