When I was diagnosed with cancer January, 2015, I was in the process of getting ready for my first full year of focusing on photography. I had set up the year according to the photographic calendar: spring & summer for taking photos and traveling, camping through out southern Utah, building a better portfolio for shows and fairs. I have not come anywhere near that  devotion since. Since cameras now come with phones and are at the ready, I have half-heartedly used my camera phone to see how that might work. Here’s one example.


Selling photos

Long time, no post. For years I’ve sold my photography at yard sales, fairs, online, etc. This weekend I’m at Cancer Wellness House. Here’s a quick pick uof my photos displayed.

If you want to see more I have a site at: Quality of Light. If so inclined I’d love to hear feedback!

My display at sale

My display at sale

It’s a lonely world?

Even though I am a geek and love all this tech, the internet revolution has significant cultural issues. The revolution when examined closely is a classic study on how all too often we rush full bore ahead implementing a new invention without taking the time to look at how it might affect our culture.

In this photo we see one of the major affects: the world is now seen through a lens instead of experienced directly.

Going against the crowd

In Wyoming, Taking A Photo Of A Polluted Stream Could Land You In Jail | ThinkProgress

In Wyoming, Taking Photo Of Polluted Stream Could Land You In Jail ThinkProgress

seems as though freedoms are taken for granted until they’re gone. and usually taken for specious reasons.

I wonder what’s so important about this law yet reasonable gun control laws bring out the vitriol from such oleaginous groups it looks like guns are more important than children.