Slow posts

Haven’t posted recently. I was gearing up cause I was in complete remission from Multiple Myeloma after a bone marrow transplant. Since I have relapsed which among other things takes time posting has been slow. I’ll keep trying though.

Revlimid it is…

I was declared in complete remission on Monday last. Deciding on a maintenance regimen took most of this past week’s brainpower, emotions, energy.

After much discussion, reading more studies than I care to cite, discussions with the doctor, I decided to go with Revlimid versus nothing.

Revlimid for myeloma

Quick facts: myeloma time to remission=3-4 yrs.; Revlimid might add 25% to time to relapse; worst side effect is potential secondary cancer; no matter what I’ll be having another transplant when myeloma returns, which it will no matter what I do.

Then there’s the kicker, the bottom line: all this odds thrown out the window because NOBODY KNOWS what might happen either way!!!

Myeloma could return in 6 months or 15 years!!!

All I know is I’m shooting for 85 so I can see the grandkids grow up.

I’m confused

Many people in our cancer support group say they take it one day at a time and live in the moment.

I don’t understand exactly what that means. how do you live one day at a time ? don’t we all plan on a future ? Isn’t that why we have tried to treat her cancer ? wpid-wp-1442974036912.jpg

Dr. Who

As I recover,  my pre cancer activity level has not returned yet. One of the pleasures of this is that I have been turned onto Dr Who. I had seen a few episodes years ago. But it is more sophisticated now. And it’s a great show!

I esp like how they incorporate current events into the story lines. As well they do not condescend to the viewers. All the little ways things are done, like using a paintball gun to blind Daleks as though they are the most obvious things to do is great!

Almost home, well sort of

Did the MMT chemo education piece today. Good detail. Too long, but informative.

I am in a better emotional space than previously. Therefore I am able to deal with the medical details better. And I love learning about all this.

Huntsman does an excellent job of inclusion with patients.