I’m a cat person. I’ve I had a cat as a companion since I was 7 years old. After having had several calico’s, it’s clear they are the smartest cats. Or current calico, Abby, adopted us 13 years ago. She exhibits some amazing behaviors. One is she follows our grandson around when he’s outdoors as a watch cat. Here’s a picture of her in one of her less dignified poses, curled up in the sink waiting for me to turn the spigot on so she can get a drink from the faucet!

Abby waiting for a drink

Abby waiting for a drink

Dr. Who

As I recover, ┬ámy pre cancer activity level has not returned yet. One of the pleasures of this is that I have been turned onto Dr Who. I had seen a few episodes years ago. But it is more sophisticated now. And it’s a great show!

I esp like how they incorporate current events into the story lines. As well they do not condescend to the viewers. All the little ways things are done, like using a paintball gun to blind Daleks as though they are the most obvious things to do is great!