I’m confused

Many people in our cancer support group say they take it one day at a time and live in the moment.

I don’t understand exactly what that means. how do you live one day at a time ? don’t we all plan on a future ? Isn’t that why we have tried to treat her cancer ? wpid-wp-1442974036912.jpg

For your information, a disclaimer

I am a photographer and computer artist. over the 20 years I have been doing this I have collected, and still collect images as I peruse the web.

as you can see I post numerous photos as well as other types of artwork. many are mine.

however I also post other images I have collected because they are beautiful, or strike me emotionally, or because I am an inveterate collector.

I make no claim to images that are not mine to be mine. I post them only to share what I enjoy and add something to my life.