2015 Southeast Asian haze


I try and look at the news or something different each day. Of course I am not successful.

Today I found this item. I am posting to show how global air pollution is and what a problem we have worldwide.

The cause of this illustrates another huge problem, slash and burn farming.

Nothing we do is an isolated act.

Volvox fractal beauty

Volvox fractal beauty

For your information, a disclaimer

I am a photographer and computer artist. over the 20 years I have been doing this I have collected, and still collect images as I peruse the web.

as you can see I post numerous photos as well as other types of artwork. many are mine.

however I also post other images I have collected because they are beautiful, or strike me emotionally, or because I am an inveterate collector.

I make no claim to images that are not mine to be mine. I post them only to share what I enjoy and add something to my life.