When I was diagnosed with cancer January, 2015, I was in the process of getting ready for my first full year of focusing on photography. I had set up the year according to the photographic calendar: spring & summer for taking photos and traveling, camping through out southern Utah, building a better portfolio for shows and fairs. I have not come anywhere near that  devotion since. Since cameras now come with phones and are at the ready, I have half-heartedly used my camera phone to see how that might work. Here’s one example.


It’s a lonely world?

Even though I am a geek and love all this tech, the internet revolution has significant cultural issues. The revolution when examined closely is a classic study on how all too often we rush full bore ahead implementing a new invention without taking the time to look at how it might affect our culture.

In this photo we see one of the major affects: the world is now seen through a lens instead of experienced directly.

Going against the crowd